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Nortel's Meridian 1 ACD has substantial Global market share; ASAP is a fundamental add-on part of the Meridian 1 ACD system. ASAP provides information that enables Call Center Managers to effectively control staff using the system, and plan staff requirements. ASAP achieves this by providing both real time information and historical reports on performance relating to the call handling.

Wallboard Window

Bulky and Expensive Wall Displays are not required as ASAP provides on-screen wallboard for supervisors and agents. The display shows managers and supervisors a complete overview. The status of each ACD queue. Additional option to set threshold alarms to alert the supervisors and agents.

Historical Reporting

The historical reports give information to enable medium and long term planning, as well as providing staff productivity assessment. Daily and Periodic reports for queues and agents are available. All reports can be exported to excel for graphical presentation.


Up to date information

Customized reports

User friendly

Threshold alarms

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