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Voice & Data Cabling

Network cabling is one of the services available from Selectacare Limited in addition to Avaya phone equipment. Selectacare Limited has been designing and implementing LAN network topologies since the 1987s' in Northern California, and throughout the continental United States through our business partners. In addition to LAN cabling, Selectacare Limited will move existing jack locations or re-terminate existing patch panels to resolve persistent network problems.

A well-designed voice and data-cabling plan, with the right cables, can be a big component of making a LAN more manageable and available. LAN Cabling is indeed important in real networks. Selectacare Limited can provide a free site survey to determine the viability of your existing network cabling.

Most network cables use either copper wires inside the cable to transfer electrical signal, or glass fiber inside the cable to transfer optical light signals. So many people refer to network cabling as wiring, just because the vast majority of network cables are actually copper wire cables. The wire cables also sometimes are called copper cabling, because the most popular metal to use in the cable is copper.

When sending an electrical signal over a network cable, the signal introduces a magnetic field and introduces radio frequency interference. So when the cable is in use, it emits radiation that can interfere with other signals in other wires or signals that pass through the air. When one network cable affects another in this manner it is commonly referred to as crosstalk. These metallic wires are designed to reduce the effects of the radiation and interference.

The network cables can be affected by outside interference as well. Nearby cables can interfere with the transmission on the cable, actually changing the electrical signal and causing bit errors. So, network cables create their own emissions and are susceptible to problems from other sources, particularly nearby cables.

The most popular way today to reduce the effects of emissions is to transmit over a pair of wires and twist those two wires together. By using an opposite current on each wire, each wire produces an identical magnetic field, but in an opposite direction. Twisting the wires has the effect of the two magnetic fields canceling each other out.

The other popular way to reduce the emissions of copper cabling is to shield the wires. That means that the wires have some material placed around them, using a material that blocks most of the electromagnetic radiation. Shielding the wires makes the cable more expensive and less flexible.

Selectacare Limited will test your existing voice and data cabling for failure and install new network cables where needed. Please call now to set up a free consultation.

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